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I couldn’t decide on a style of PJs, and since that had been the only request until a few minutes ago, I just decided to take a bit longer and do a summer and winter version :P

(I kinda like the idea that, with his part human body, Tentoo actually needs a while to fully wake up after he’s hit a longer sleep cycle, amusing Rose by being all drowsy and slow on everything, what with not being used to that much sleep :D)

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Martha Jones + character traits

Magnaminous: generous in forgiving an insult or injury; free from petty resentfulness or vindictiveness.

(Also see: her relationships with her family and the Doctor to at least some extent.)

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Filed under yeah! very important! forgiveness is an inherent trait in Martha she learns many things from her time with the Doctor but there's a reason he chose her she brings a lot with her from the very beginning Martha *is* good from the moment we meet her to the last we see of her riding off into the sunset to save the world because that's what companions do and she is a star Martha Jones so glad i met queue

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gallifreyslostson asked: If you could see an episode of the Doctor and Rose going to a place of your choosing and do whatever you want, where would they go and what would they do?

Oh, man… that’s a hard one because there are so many to choose from!

At Awesome Con, Billie was asked “If you could write an episode with the Doctor and Rose, what would it be?” And her answer was basically just sitting them down in a room where there were no distractions and no place to run, and they kind of getting to the bottom of their relationship. I really like that answer!

But for me, what I love about fanworks is that so many authors find creative ways to bring the unspoken subplot to the forefront. Hurt/Comfort tends to be a popular trope for that — the Doctor nearly losing Rose and finally confronting what she means to him… which is basically most canon episodes, yeah? xD Except “family show” I guess, so we’re left wondering a bit, even after Doomsday.

I guess what I’d like to see is one of their dates gone right. Obviously, if the Doctor and Rose visiting a nice planet and everything went swell, there’d be no adventure. Makes for a ‘boring’ episode in the network execs minds, but a fabulous story in written form, as we love to detail when everything goes right in fic form.

So, long story short, I’d like to see the Doctor and Rose visit a time or planet where there’s no revolution or evil alien to overcome, and they just have a good time together and go back to the TARDIS and it’s so very obvious they’re both smitten. It’d probably be a social event, like a festival or fair or concert.

Preferably somewhere I’ve been, and could jump up and down on my sofa going: OMG! OMG I’VE BEEN THERE!! AND THE DOCTOR AND ROSE ARE THERE!!? a;lskdfjl;asdkjf;lasdfkj

See: Extraordinary (With You) & Candy Kisses xD

Filed under gallifreyslostson wow that ran really long um sorry but i hope that answered? it wasn't very specific i mean with things i'd like to see acted out i'm not that picky as long as it's the doctor and rose being their wonderful touchy flirty selves kisses would be nice like i wouldn't say no to a televised 'stone rose' :D answers to questions without answers tipsy meme