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Doctor Who Fest: day #05

↳ Parallel: Run.

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Knight brought home the Tenth Doctor Comic “Revolutions of Terror” for me and we found this note on the inside front cover:

"When you’re finished reading the issue, email your thoughts and comments to doctorwhocomic@titanemail.com"

Knight (savvy comic subscriber) says…

Do it! 

Most independent comics rarely make it more than a year. Even though they have partnered with BBC, this is not a guarantee that we will receive a complete story.

I am sure we are all delighted to see the continued adventures of the 10th Doctor and a female companion (who while not our all-time favorite Bad Wolf… ;) ) already appears to be an interesting and needed multi-cultural character.

Filed under doctor who comic new adventures with the tenth doctor revolutions of terror spoilers knight was so excited 'omg the companion is latina :D' he was happy to see that though he hasn't checked the spanish for accuracy yet >.> still more ten!! more ten hopefully out from the current dw umbrella harkening back to ten's era wouldn't that be nice? so if you like it tell them and maybe we'll get more! this has been a nerd PSA guest starring knight as comics are his area of expertise and our worlds are finally colliding xD