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"Yes I have, we’ve met up a few times now. I didn’t know her before, but obviously I’ve been admiring her in the show. She’s just great. Fantastic. Just absolutely perfect. Spunky and quick and sexy… Just the ideal companion really. So I’m very very pleased that she’s doing the whole series." - David Tennant talking about working with Billie Piper

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Filed under i wanted to ask billie what she thinks series 3 might have been like if she'd stayed but on day 1 she'd answered so many questions postulating hypotheticals in the story by reminding us she wasn't the one writing it just bringing it alive through her acting so i asked an equally problematic question *sigh* i guess really it would be a better question to propose to a panel of piper tennant and davies knowing the relationship that developed between david and billie ''how much she ended up liking him'' i think are billie's words how would russell have incorporated that into the story is i guess what i really want to know alas if i had a TARDIS i'd go back to sdcc years ago and ask awesomecon referenced so glad i met queue

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my problem with writing stories is that i’d rather imagine it and play it out in my mind than actually put it into words 

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Filed under oh the idea graveyard stories lost to timing motivation or just an inability to word if you could just see what i see the movie in my mind sometimes i wonder if i'd be a better director or something because intricate plotlines characters and worlds i can do it's the minutiae that trip me up like ugh domestics just give me a literary tardis and let me visit the crucial moments and my army of minion writers will do the rest when i am king writing because writing is hard so glad i met queue

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daisyrosenight asked: Can you tell us more about awesome con?if you have time I'm really curious :)


Of course! Below is a random list of tidbits I gleaned from Billie’s two Q&As, her photo op, and her autograph signing — just off the top of my head. I didn’t attend any non-Billie parts of the con, which I’m sure is shocking to no one. 

  • She said Doomsday was extremely emotional to film because it truly felt like the end, and because she felt like she was speaking the words not only as Rose to the Doctor but to David as a friend.
  • Her features were much more striking/severe/gorgeous in person than in photos. 
  • Her favorite of Rose’s outfits was the dress in The Idiot’s Lantern because she got to lose the jeans and tees and “feel girly.”
  • Tooth and Claw was one of the few episode names she knew, and she said that was a laugh to film because they got to watch a guy in a bright green lycra suit run around in place of the CGI werewolf.
  • She and Matt Smith had drinks the other night and got very drunk.
  • She was stressed when speaking about Penny Dreadful because it’s a “spoiler minefield,” but said she loved working with all of the esteemed actors in the cast and thinks the show has staying power for years to come. 
  • She chose David over Chris as the better kisser because, ”I think I’ve kissed David more and so I think we are more well practiced, well versed and, therefore, our technique is somewhat better.” Mmhmm.
  • She’s very excited for Peter Capaldi’s Doctor and loves Jenna as Clara.
  • She took Winston into a TARDIS once and told him it flies and he got really scared and started crying.
  • She is finding theater work the most rewarding at the moment and would happily act at the National for the rest of her life if they’d let her.
  • Someone asked about the duality of Hannah vs. Belle (in SDOACG) and Billie said she thought Hannah chose the Belle side of her personality over love/happiness because her profession defined her so much, and that she related to that aspect of the character. (Whoring aside ofc.)
  • She popped in a stick of gum halfway through each Q&A and proceeded to fiddle with the wrapper for the rest of the session.
  • She said she liked the subtlety of her Doomsday send off and ruminated on how that subtlety would have been lost had Moffat written Rose’s goodbye.
  • She also talked about how she finds Moffat’s Who really confusing and said David had to help her figure out the 50th script. She sidestepped a question asking if she was disappointed to come back as The Moment and not Rose, but said David, Matt, John Hurt, etc helped her with that role in the 50th.
  • If she could write an episode of Doctor who it would only be about the Doctor and “companion” (I felt it was pretty clear she meant Rose) just having a chat, finally answering the big “are they or aren’t they?” question. She later was asked about a Rose/Tentoo spin off and was like, yes that’s the sort of episode I’d want to write! 
  • She said she hates being asked favorites because she’s indecisive and doesn’t like to have to choose between friends (aka Matt/David), but that didn’t stop people from asking those questions. She did get very animated about her favorite London restaurants though — two were a pair of posh sister restaurants and one was The Chicken Shop in Kentish Town.
  • She reaaaaalllllyyyyyy wants to do a play in New York.
  • The Goonies and The Lost Boys are her favorite fandoms. 
  • She talked about how David genuinely loves and cares about the character of The Doctor and she admires that so much.
  • She’d like to play a mum in the future and move away from sexy roles and do more jeans and t-shirt stuff, though she then made a comment about how that’s not happening any time soon. (Which I took to mean as a hint at upcoming Penny Dreadful sexytimes.)
  • She brought her mum (Mandy!) to the con/DC.
  • She was drinking a soy latte, which I know thanks to some investigative reporting done by tkross.
  • She gave Winston a Doctor Who book that shows photos of Rose running away from some monsters and he was like “mummy that must have been awful!” so she doesn’t think he can make that distinction between his mum and her roles yet. She joked that she should probably take the book away for that reason.
  • John Barrowman would try to distract people during their closeups with “trouser-dropping antics.”
  • Every once in a while she would use a British term and then ask the crowd if they knew what it meant, getting a resounding “yes!” in response each time. 
  • Someone asked to film her giving a hard time to their friend who couldn’t make it to the con and she gave them a hysterical guilt trip ending with “you better check yourself.”
  • She never had a nightmare about any Who villains but she has had nightmares about the Doctor, namely David yelling “this is the end!”
  • She was far far FAR more lovely, charming, funny, kind, and gracious than I ever imagined.

Filed under awesomecon billie piper q&a a much more extensive summary of the panels thanks for sharing baddest! there were so many awesome well-thought-out questions including scullywolf who had one of the best questions of the whole weekend it really was a wild wonderful time and billie commanded our attention and interest the whole time when it was over it was like -- already?? aahhhh just my favorite part i loved living it and love reliving it i wish everyone could've been there i was glad i wasn't alone and some really cool tumblr peeps came too :)

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Spooky’s Highlights of the Billie Piper Q&A panels at Awesome Con in relation to the Doctor and Rose, the narrative, and production of Doctor Who: A Summary

  • Billie ain’t ‘fraid of no Daleks
  • If Billie could write an episode, she would focus on the love story (The love storyThe love story. Just sayin’)
  • The continued adventures of Rose and the metacrisis Doctor would basically consist of the above 
  • She’s happy the story of the Doctor, Rose, and other companions are living on in fan works
  • Billie talked of the evolving relationship between Rose and the Doctor, that in the beginning Rose looked up to Nine as someone with more knowledge and experience, that she was somewhat in awe of him, whereas Rose and Ten ended up more like best mates and equals
  • Some of her favorite episodes to watch are the episodes with the Doctor and the Master, because it’s amazing to watch the dynamic of David Tennant and John Simm together on screen
  • Billie offered some awesome insight regarding characterization and plot, but always gave a nod to the writers for delivering the goods in the narrative. She admitted she wasn’t necessarily “wired” that way and that her job starts the moment she gets the script
  • And what a job she does! Billie said she knew exactly what she wanted to do with Rose Tyler, but she never could have predicted the positive impact the character would have in the fan community. She said that was probably good, because it might have been a bit intimidating and changed her performance

Filed under awesomecon billie piper q&a i think everyone took away something different from her panel based largely on what we brought in and what resonated with us personally so while a lot of summaries are coming out as to what was said here's what affected me the most for what it's worth and my own reference oh and i tried my best not to overlap baddest's summary because she covered a lot and i think it's important to add new content :) idk i just don't want to step on any toes or rehash but still want to document my experience and share so everyone can enjoy the great happiness that was billie's insight into our favorite show plus i was so impressed with how she kept acknowledging the people behind the scenes writers and directors she's worked with along with her fellow actors she's really just so humble and supportive of everyone she works with that really affected me deeply and made me respect her even more which how is that even possible? by the way everything above is my summarization and may or may not be close to Billie's own words i hope to maybe do some transcripting once i get my hand's on a certain person's videos xD more adventures in spookyland

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I know some of it’s sweet… and some of it’s spicy. […] It’s amazing, really, that people care enough to go on writing stories for them.
Billie Piper re: Doctor Who fanfiction | Awesomecon DC, April 19, 2014 (via re-sile)

Filed under ahhhhhhhhhh this was one of my favorite moments made me consider rearranging my whole fic masterlist xD Billie said she didn't go to 'those corners of the internet' thank goodness! but was very gracious about our dedication how lovely thank you billie thanks resile for remembering the quote awesomecon