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Baby's with me now
Since I showed her how
To lay her little hand in mine
Who could ill agree?
She's a sight to see
Treasure for the poor to find
If I needed you, would you come to me?
Would you come to me for to ease my pain?
If you needed me, I would come to you?

I would swim the sea for to ease your pain

Happy birthday, Bee

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Filed under love everything about this sneak peek on an intimate moment writers are naturally voyeurs we have to be i remember the instructor of our workshop commenting on this fiction writers assume a fly on the wall pov or even more intimately crawl inside a character's head so to get a peek at a beautiful private moment that's writer candy writer crack more like :D doctor x rose beautiful fanart so glad i met queue

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Filed under fanart of rose in this dress please xD just because we never got to see it on her but also fanart of this dress on the floor please xDDD yesssss look how much she wanted to go dancing in that flowing skirt i hope she stole that dress from the manor and i hope she came into the console room wearing it one day and conned the doctor into taking her dancing oh man now i need 10k words on this and the accompanying art xDDDDD so greedy Rose Tyler so glad i met queue

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1) Take a screen shot of your phone background and lock screen.

2) Don’t change anything. 

3) Don’t delete anything.

4) Tag people

Filed under so this has been in my drafts forever oops this seems like an invasive meme is it invasive? how much can you tell about a person from the apps on their home screen? can you tell i do social media for a living? i don't know why i'm being paranoid i think my phone is just my linus's blanket that and my laptop technology is like aaaaaiiiiirrrrrrr to me about spooky i'll call it nosy phone meme :D