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Put your music on shuffle and answer these questions! Once you’re done tag 10 followers!

1.Title of the first song describes how you die
Animal I Have Become - Three Days Grace

(so i’m finally going to become a cat???)

2. Second song describes your love life
Forever - Papa Roach

(sound legit?)

3. Third song will be played at your wedding
Shatter Me - Lindsey Stirling (feat. Lzzy Hale)

(this wasn’t out when we had our wedding)

4. Add “in my pants” to the title of this song
Magic Carpet Ride in my pants - Steppenwolf


5. Fifth song will be playing at your funeral
Fire Burning - Sean Kingston

(don’t mourn me, just get out on the dancefloor)

6. Sixth song is your theme song
Whisper - Evanescence

(don’t turn out the light; never sleep, never die)

7. Seventh song will play when you think of someone you love
All These Things That I’ve Done - The Killers

(we got soul but we’re not soldiers)

8. Add “with a shovel and a screwdriver” to the title of the eighth song
All Souls Night with a shovel and a screwdriver - Loreena McKennitt

(that’s kinda creepy. #1 because this song also showed up on foxy’s list, but also just because.)

9. Ninth song describes your week
Hey Mama - Black Eyed Peas

(i wish there was more BEP’s in my week :D)

10. Tenth song will play when you miss someone
Joy to the World - Three Dog Night

(always had some mighty fine wine)

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Filed under song shuffle fun meme lol these make no sense except maybe Magic Carpet Ride in my pants that sounds like a fun time thanks for letting me play

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Nonsexual acts of Intimacy - Select from the following for my muse to respond to...

♔ :
Finding your muse wearing their clothes
Holding hands
Having their hair washed by your muse
Your muse falling asleep with their head in my muse's lap.
Cuddling in a blanket fort
Sharing a bed
Head scratches
Sharing a dessert
Shoulder rubs
Reading a book together
Caring for each other while ill (specify which party is which)
Patching up a wound
Taking a bath together
Your muse playing with their hair
Accidentally falling asleep together
Forehead or cheek kisses
Your muse adjusting their jewelry/neck tie/ etc.
Back scratches
Your muse crying about something
Slow dancing

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girl scouts are letting in trans girls and letting girls replace God with whatever they want in the pledge, also they use cookie income to support abortion and LGBT agendas

boy scouts are just now allowing gay scouts in, officially in january, but gay leaders are still banned and they’re talking about segregation on camping trips, with gay scouts and straight scouts in different tents. also they still ban atheists,

girl scouts: 10000   boy scouts: 0

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Filed under i talked to a woman last weekend who said she'd almost always hire an eagle scout that having 'eagle scout' on someone's resume was a surefire way to get her attention because she 'knows what boys have to go through to reach that rank' and i said 'wait... what about girl scouts?' she said that didn't matter girl scouts didn't have an eagle scout 'equivalent' and therefore she didn't pay any attention to achievements earned by being a girl scout what the fuck? betweeen scouts and youth group i accumulated over 400 hours of community service in high school OVER 400 HOURS and that's just what i reported but i'm a girl so who cares come see the misogyny inherent in the system OH I WISH I WAS A LITTLE GIRLY SCOUTY WISH I WAS A LITTLE GIRLY SCOUTY I WOULD TRAMP TRAMP TRAMP OVER ALL THE BOY SCOUT CAMP OOH I WISH I WAS A LITTLE GIRLY SCOUTY camp songs memories (◕‿◕✿) /end rant sorry that was way off topic it just cut deeply and in recent memory

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We’re gonna play a new game called Top 10 TV shows because there’s one for films. Write down your top shows and then tag 10 friends to do the same. 10 favourite TV shows (in no particular order): 

  1. Masters of Sex
  2. About a Boy
  3. Castle
  4. Brooklyn Nine-Nine
  5. Avatar, The Last Airbender
  6. Tru Calling
  7. Awake
  8. Jericho
  9. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  10. Doctor Who

If you haven’t agonized over your top 10 list and want to, consider yourself tagged :D

Filed under top 10 tv shows meme there were some hard choices here and so many runners up about a boy made it on because we just binge watched s1 it's ridiculous i love it i guess you could call these current top shows something like that ask me next week it'll be different

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The Doctor startled awake at the sound of old brakes scraping a large vehicle to a stop. The discordant noise clashed with the otherwise harmonious symphony resounding outside. The howling wind, pounding rain, and tinkling ring of a neighbor’s wind chimes had all conspired a soothing melody that apparently lulled him to sleep some time ago.

An incremental rise in temperature had changed the ashen snowfall to sleet, and finally rain, over the course of Christmas Day.

Not the most festive weather.

But the inside of the Tyler flat was cozy enough, even at this late hour, lit only by the soft white glow of lights on the third Christmas tree to stand in the living room over this holiday.

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